There is nobody born of a woman neither an angel that will stop his Excellency president Buhari not to leave the presidency in 2019. My greatest happiness for his Excellency Buhari is that he knew quite well that he will not win again in 2019 as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, rather he is planning to go back with Niger Delta oil money in which he has embezzled in trillions to go and enjoy where ever he feels like going to do so. It is a pleasure that the Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe uses Chief Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo to bless Buhari, in which he has the privilege of being so rich than before he came into power in 2015.

 I will ever remain thankful to God for Obasanjo, if I may ask, can Buhari go back to his four bedroom flat which he used to live before he comes into power? Olumba Olumba Obu in Chief Olusegun Obasanjo made him what he is today.

Could you believe that the civil servants are suffering, while Buhari and his family are enjoying yet he is denying the youth and others citizen the benefit of living well by increasing the rate of  unemployment, he has not created employment opportunities in the country as he promised when before his election, an estimated 40 million youths are doing nothing  but Buhari is simply siphoning billions out of the nation in the name of going for a medical treatment is it good?

Mr president Muhammadu Buhari I pastor Imo-owo Andrew the president of Light And Oneness Good Leadership Association believed so much in you when you came into power the first time, you came with a nice slogan of three-point agenda, that you will stand for justice but today I want to ask you are you justified in the fighting the corruption you promised? Are you sure and quite sure that you are not siphoning our money in the name of fighting corruption?

 It is very shocking that upon all the looted funds collected and all the oil money, people are still suffering. His Excellency I want to ask where is our money? His Excellency do you know that under your regime civil servant have not been paid pensions and salaries and their entitlements on time? Even though garri maybe 6 cups for 100 naira have you ask how your people are surviving with no jobs and no paid salaries in different state of the federation. I waited for you with confidence and trust, but His Excellency I cried now bitterly in my mind and spirit because you have killed our trust for you. President Buhari if anyone says that he or she is enjoying your government, that person is a liar may God forgive him or her with, for this reason I call on his Excellency Chief Dr OBJ to give us another president that will come and help Nigeria grow, not a president that will punish Nigeria in 2019 because I pastor Imo-owo Udo really know that under rain or shine Obasanjo’s choice will be the next president of Nigeria, my prayer is that the father Almighty the Holy Spirit the comforter, is that anybody Obasanjo bring out as the president let that person be a president that revive Nigeria using all his might and let him be a president that will favour the common man where ever he or she resides in the country finally I wish Buhari is safe landing come 2019.

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