His Excellency Atiku Abubakar I’m saying this thing because you are a very lucky person at this end of time. This was the position you have suffered in the past, struggle for years but could not achieve it because OBJ did not support you but now that he has help you to achieve it don’t do as others did and at the end of the day they failed. As you are about to be the next president of Nigeria you will see that your special advisers and others with demonic spirit will start advising you to insult Obasanjo, anybody who will come to you after your swearing-in to advise you to insult or abuse Obasanjo, damn such a person because such a person is a devil who will make you at the end of the day fall into doom.

You can see that when you were suffering to become the president none of them came to your aids and make your dream a reality so Obasanjo has finally helped you to achieve that dream that is why I advise you earlier not to try anything funny with him. Give full respect to OBJ when you are sworn in as the president of Nigeria, by May 2019.

 Let me also tell you this in quotes “right from the day you will start disobeying Obasanjo or insult him right from that day your government will collapse and darkness will cover you and your cabinet, but if you give respect to Obasanjo till you leave the government your government will live to be fruitful and peace will rain during your tenure. Support Light And Oneness Good Leadership Association as a non-governmental organization during your tenure as a group who support Obasanjo’s presidential choice which is you and your vice president. We also need your full support during this your campaign, and also after your campaign, we also plead with you not to come and turn tiger against your master the God’s representative Dr. OBJ.

His Excellency Atiku Abubakar don’t listen to any bad advice when they come to tell you  this or that about drive them away because they are deceivers they  want you to have problem with God’s representative in the seat of power in Nigeria who is OBJ, listen to OBJ for he has a good advice to give to you. Now you will observe that all those that were running away from you thinking that you will not succeed will now run back to you and will be claiming that they love you now, don’t mind them they are all layers. Remember a parable which says a friend in need is a friend indeed, the only man you have as your true friend is Obasanjo the eagle of Nigeria.

Obasanjo is a friend of your need, don’t make mistake again and don’t bite the finger that feeds you. After all, you can now see that upon all the money you have that you were a nobody and could not make yourself the president without the help of Obasanjo. As you are coming don’t come to use Fulani herdsmen to kill Christian as others did, don’t come to be a partiality leader just as what president Buhari is doing now, as His Excellency Obasanjo give you peace make sure you also distributed it to all land, nooks, and cranny of Nigeria.

 I want to finally tell you that the brain behind all this blessing to your life is our Holy Father Leader Olumba Olumba Obu. This Olumba Olumba Obu I’m talking about is the Almighty God He is the owner of the seat of the presidency that you are going to sit. In 1999 3rd, October He gave an injunction that anybody born of a woman or angel that will try anything funny with Obasanjo should not fail to be punished not only punished but darkness will cover such person or group of people. So, therefore, know yourself, if you know that you will do anything funny with Obasanjo you will be punished and covered by darkness and you will be reduced to nothing but if you don’t do anything evil against our godfather Obasanjo throughout your tenure you will be stepping down with abundance of blessing.


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