– Illustrated by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu
One fateful day a man of God was very angry with God’s patience and decided to ask God why is it that good people die fast, suffered for what they have not done wrong, punished and rejected yet He God does not say a word, nor answer? You are too patience while your people are dying, that’s not good, why is it so?
God promise to answer him his question but told him that he has to do a very small thing for Him and that thing will lead to the answer. Are you ready to do what I will ask you to do God asked, the young man of God answers Yes I will.
God then took the young man of God to a stream that has only one entrance apart from the royal entrance used by the king and his royal family. In that stream, God showed the young man a very hidden place and asked him you will be hiding here and nobody will see you but will be able to see all that will be happening in this stream and at the end of the day, you will have an answer to the question you asked. One rule here is that you must not say anything, talk nor react to what you will see.
The young man stayed in that stream from morning till evening and nothing happened. He said how as my stay here since morning explain what I asked, as he was thinking a tall young man walk down the stream remove his clothes and had his bath when he finished he carried his cloth forgetting one of his nigger and went away. On his way he meets a very old man who was walking down the stream slowly, he greeted the man and passed.
Meanwhile the princess with her maids came into the stream through the royal track to take her bath, on reaching the stream and about to off her clothes she saw a nigger, she carried it to check what was inside the pocket, surprisingly she saw $5000 and diamonds inside a wallet, she removed it and told her maids lets go, she didn’t had her bath again, by this time the old man has not reached the stream, the princess left dropping the nigger empty.
A few minutes later the old man arrived the stream, off his clothes, drop it close to the young man’s nigger and enter the stream to take his bath. At this point the young man remembered his nigger when he realized that his wallet containing money and diamond is not with him, immediately he ran back to the stream luckily he saw his nigger which he forgot, he carried it, check all the pocket but no wallet, he then ask the old man in the stream, please have you since my wallet the old man said no, he asked again, have you meet with anybody in this stream when you arrived, the old man said no, he asked are you sure he said yes, he then asks how come then my money and diamond is missing in the wallet, the old man reply I don’t know.
The young man thought of it if this man meets no other person in this stream and he was the only one I passed when I was going back, then there is no other person who stole my diamond and money than him, the young man started beating the innocent good old man mercilessly. At the point of killing the old man the man of God who was watching the whole scene wanted to scream “leave him he is not the one”, God told him to keep quiet. The young man beat the good old man till death when he saw that the man was death dump his corpse in the bush and ran away.
Hmmmm! The man of God was totally angry and told God; you see exactly what am complaining about? This is not good, an innocent good man who knew nothing about the diamond and the money is killed. God then told the man of God let me tell you what happened before now.
In the former generation there was a Queen who has a male house help, one day the house help who always have access to the Queen’s room stole the Queen’s diamond and money and ran away. The house help on his journey to one city meet with a vigilante who was agile and huge man full of power, when the vigilante saw the houseboy he arrested him and check his pocket, he then saw the stolen money and diamond, in his heart he thought of how to collect the diamond and money from the boy. He asked the boy where he got it from the boy refused to open up, he started beating the boy, suddenly the boy died and this vigilante ran away with the diamond, sold it and used the money, while he throws the boy’s dead body into the bush.
Now coming back to this generation, God told the man of God, have you seen that man old man that just die, which you claim as a good man? He is that vigilante, and that young man that just killed the old man is that houseboy who stole the Queen’s diamond and money. Have you seen that princess, she is that queen that her diamond and money was stolen.
Now, what you are seeing in this generation is simply a replay and a payback by each of them. The young man is beating the old man to death to pay him back what he did to him when he was a house help and he the old man was a vigilante. The Princess who was a Queen is only coming back to reclaim his money and diamond stole by his house help. This is what we call “THE LAW OF KARMA”. For whatever a man soweth so shall he reap (Galatians 6 vs 7) God told the man of God. The old good man you are seeing today was wicked, he killed the boy in order to collect the diamond and money, in this generation you are seeing him as a good man and you that do not know what happened will think God allow good people to die just like that, that is why I advises every man on earth to forsake sin because when it will hunt back at you, that time you may have forgotten or attribute it to juju, witchcraft or mermaids
Are you a fornicator?
A liar?
A gossiper?
Deceiving people or killing people to take their wealth?
A thief of any degree, politically corrupted thief or of any form.
Always remember the law of payback, for it shall surely come back to you, whether soon or later.
Refrain from it.
I use this piece to tell you every sin has its payback since we are saved by His grace and blood lets forsake sin totally and be holy as He required of us. If not we will pay back.
Advised by the Holy Father Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, God Almighty

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