About Us

Logla is an acronyms for Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association, It’s a registered Association in Nigeria which was registered with Cooperate Affair Commission on November 2012 with a registration Number CAC/IT/No57582. It was established in 2005.


Aim and Objective:

The main aim and objective of Logla is giving first hand and correct Information, it also aims at supporting good leaders across the world who have good vision of changing the world, Nation and States. Finally, to help eradicate poverty in the world through powerful information.

We blog on the following News World News, Nigerian News, Crime News and Society News, Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, Health, Education, Advice on Sex and Relationship, Religion, Inspired Stories and Talk, Music and lots more, we also have a social network community called Logla Chat were registered member chat both privately and publicly and also post what on their mind.

The Headquarter of Logla is located at House 89 Eleven Crescent, Kado Estate Abuja, Nigeria.

Akwa Ibom State Office: Ibesit Okpokoro, Oruk Anam LGA, Akwa Ibom State. Nigeria

Rivers state Office: Buguma, Asari Toru by Ultra-Modern Park ASALGA, River State. Nigeria