welcome, the former Vice President of the federal republic of Nigeria His Excellency Atiku Abubakar, on behalf of myself Pastor Imo-owo Udo Andrew and the entire members of my group Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association we welcome you as the next president of Nigeria come 2019.  We promise to give you our total support because you are God’s representative choice which is Chief Obasanjo GCFR and you will never fail to be the next president of Nigeria come 2019 as far as Chief Dr. OBJ is concerned.

 Our president to be, we Light and Oneness will work for you physically, spiritually and otherwise because I Pastor Imo-owo Udo Andrew knew it earlier that Chief Dr. OBJ choice will be God’s choice and that God’s choice will emerge as president come 2019, which is you and you are running mate Mr. Peter Obi. His Excellency Atiku Abubakar let me remind you the drama of the past when you win as the flag bearer in 2015 in APC , it was just a statement that His Excellency Chief Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo made and everything turn against you, I still remember that statement,  after that statement APC ticket was taken away from you just as baba directed APC and was given to Muhammadu Buhari and right from that day Buhari became the president of Nigeria till today while  Apc became the ruling party, upon all your effort that time you were unable to make yourself a president of Nigeria. Not until the holy spirit in baba Dr. OBJ endorses you a president of Nigeria come 2019.

Remember what happened with Mohammed Buhari some years ago when he was struggling to be the president of Nigeria on his own, remember that he could not make it. Not until he recognizes the Holy Spirit in Dr. OBJ and right from that day he became the president of Nigeria till today. Although he’s ungrateful to Dr. OBJ who single-handedly made him the president of Nigeria, that doesn’t mean anything to our political father Dr. OBJ.

 His Excellency Mr. Atiku Abubakar, I want to ask you a very simple question, now that baba has desire to make you a president come 2019 I hope baba will not be your first enemy again after you have seen what you have suffered since2007?  many do go to baba for a favour but when baba helped them to become whatever they wanted the later reign insult on him, along the line the failed because of that,  the Christ of God, God representative is seat of power in Nigeria Rtd. General Olusegun Obasanjo deserves honour and respect, so, therefore, the president to become in 2019Atiku Abubakar respect Dr. OBJ as you respect your God Almighty Allah. Be a caring president to Nigerians and respect Obasanjo as your father loves him as he loves you doing so the God Almighty the father Allah will also take good care of you and your government.

A white man adage says  that a friend in need is a friend indeed, that friend in need is Dr.OBJ to you, we all the members of Light And Oneness Good Leadership Association are quite sure that your coming as a president will bring peace of mind to Dr.OBJ and all Nigerians and the life of the Christians in the northern region and entire Nigeria will be safe and protected.

 His Excellency all Nigerians are not supporting you because of your strength or ability instead they are supporting you because of Dr.OBJ is on your side, and Dr.OBJ’s vision is for you to improve the economy of Nigeria after your swearing in as the president of Nigeria in2019. Make sure we will not regret as we are regretting now in president Buhari’s administration because when he came in as the president of Nigeria we thought that we have made heaven, he came with three-point agenda up till now none of the three points are accomplished. Till now Buhari does not improve the economy of Nigeria, instead, dollar is raised every day and keep on mouth out that we are all blessed. His Excellency Atiku Abubakar you are the hope for a  better economy of Nigeria and our nation will be valued once again.

Finally, Support Light And Oneness Good Leadership Association. We are really sure you will have more than 5 million from our group, and Light and oneness good leadership association stands for Obasanjo presidential choice, therefore, we once again call on all Nigerian to come and join hands with Light and oneness good leadership’s vision in support of our dear president to be Mr. Atiku Abubaka. let nobody have hope on this present administration come 2019 because there is no possibility for APC to win. The door of the presidential villa is open again for PDP to reign again as a ruling party in Nigeria come 2019. Atiku Abubakar and peter obi are going to be a good leader to Nigerian come 2019.

The umbrella in PDP signifies shelter of life to all Nigerians, Light and Good Leadership Association will find a day to appreciate God Almighty Leader Olumba Olumba  Obu the Sole Spiritual Head of the universe for giving PDP an opportunity  once again to be the ruling party in 2019, peace progress prosperity and  good health PDP is a blessed party from Our Lord Jesus Christ, since the light of God accepted to shine again on their faces. Chief Dr. OBJ is that light I am talking about that shine for Atiku  Abubakar and his vice Peter Obi to work together in the presidential villa come 2019, and light and oneness good leadership association must be there with you as far as chief Dr.OBJ will be there with you. We will also be there with you in the presidential villa and all the entire PDP family will also be there.

 The Holy Father who is all and all will also be there with you. The whole of Nigeria also will be there with you. All the members of light and oneness good leadership association in Akwa Ibom state chapter and cross rivers state chapter and all the south and northern chapter wish you His Excellence Atiku Abubakar and Vice M. Peter Obi long life

Long Live Dr.OBJ

long LOGLA

Long Live Nigeria

May the peace of the father be with you.  amen


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