His Excellency chief Dr. Olusengun Obasanjo all members of light and Oneness Good Leadership  Association in Nigeria Chapter is proud to have you in our mist as a leader who  knows God in Spirit and in truth and uses the name of God to give Nigerian the greatest hope for 2019, and because you have really proven yourself as God representative in the seat of power in Nigeria, this is one of the reason why all members of Light and oneness Good Leadership Association loves you with all their heart and we are  following your vision wherever you go we will follow you because we know that you are the only one who is capable of kicking President Muhammadu Buhari out from the seat of power come 2019.

A few weeks ago when President Buhari made plans to arrest and jail you with a frame up document which amount you raising an alarm that your life is in danger we knew Buhari has dug a grave and buried himself but as it may, God will not allow him to die in your head so that people will not say that Buhari died because of Obasanjo, He Buhari quickly forgot what happened to Abacha who jailed you for no offence, where is Abacha today, he died while in seat because he touch whom God is using and blessed, so if he wants to follow let him frame you up.

By 2019 election, Buhari will see his nakedness as the masses has already concluded voting him out due to his failure in governance, poor economy and insecurity. This bad governance of Buhari whom always blame the past administration for his lack of vision has amounted to massive rejection for his bid for second term re-election by the masses, but we are sure when the then new president which Obasanjo will show Nigerians to vote who is also going to be the choice of the masses takes over the seat of power our National economy will be boated and repair, by then Nigerians will realize that Dr. Obasanjo has a good intention for Nigeria. As such we use this opportunity to thank Obasanjo so much for always being a man that keeps to his words, those that are aware of this knows he is the only one lead by God to show us a way out from this hard economy and for that we are solidly behind OBJ presidential choice come 2019.

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