Recently the former president of Nigeria writes through his media aides about his security and life being danger as Buhari is planning to frame him up with a fake document and place allegation on him in order to arrest him and dump in jail till after election by 2019. And earlier on today Buhari replied Obasanjo through his minister for media and culture Lia Muhammad where he stated that only the guilty ones are afraid of Buhari and I ask so, suddenly Obasanjo become a thief and guilty one because he advise you not to run for a second term, but when he was supporting you he was not a guilty one, insanity.

I want to warn and also advise Buhari through this medium, that he should concentrate on the National development to see if he can deliver any of his campaign promises after 3 solid years of ruling the country. You have failed Nigerian beyond expectation, so now you are trying to arrest those who are against your failure, in order to try and convince Nigeria that you are working and you are fighting corruption, but unfortunately Nigerians already know your tactics. However, since you now know that Nigerians already knows your tactics in needless for you to go ahead with this kind of plan in order to buy our heart but I won’t work.

Concerning Dr. Obasanjo’s case, I will better advise you to stay clear from him because the man you see called OBJ is totally blessed by God beyond you touching him, and if you dare try to touch him you will experience the wrath of God.

Without missing words let me quickly enlighten you what God Almighty Himself Leader Olumba Olumba Obu says about Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo on the 3rd October 1999. He said, “The President General Olusegun Obasanjo was chosen by God Almighty to come and lead this country at this close of age.” Leader Olumba Obu also said “Now I want you to know that this is the appointed time for Christian and the rulership of God and I challenge anybody to oppose God. Now Christ is on the throne. Never you think that Obasanjo is ruling. He is only representing God on the throne. Anybody who tries something funny with him is doomed”. Have you heard the last statement of God Almighty? Anybody who tries something funny with Obasanjo is doomed, then go ahead with the dubious act you are plotting against him.

Moreover Obasanjo you are calling a thief today was a saint when he supported you, he brings you out from dust after contesting consecutive times and you did not win, but when Obasanjo brought you before Nigerians believing you will do what you said, not knowing that you will be a complete failure to Nigerians, putting us under duress and hardship, our economy went to recession, high cost of living and increasing petrol price etc. when His Excellency Chief Olusegun Obasanjo saw that you have failed Nigerians he advised you not to seek for re-election on the 23rd January 2018, from that day he became your enemy and suddenly a thief, now he has to raise alarm for the security of his life.

I would rather advise you to focus on National development so that you can land well on May 29th, 2019 and hand over power to the next president which OBJ will soon show Nigerians and stop hunting what will hurt you. This is the only I have for you now; because I know you don’t have good advisers if you have they could have advised you to leave OBJ alone. Let me stop here till I come your way next time.

May the peace of the Holy Father be with all Nigerians. Amen

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