Buhari Transmitted Power to Osibanjo 100 Days Ago

By: Imo-owo Udo

Currently Nigeria does not lack scholars but lack people that are educated in mind, reason being that many have allowed politics to override them, which makes them to think always with a bias mind to either support their leaders on the ground of political parties, religion or region.

According to the constitution section 146(2) of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, as amended, its states that the office of the president is only vacant if the offices of the president and the vice president are concurrently vacant by circumstances listed in section 146(1) CFRN i.e. if both are away from the country for 90days. In such a scenario, the senate president automatically becomes the temporary president and holds such office for only 90days for a presidential election. Still on the section 146CFRN it points out that a president or a governor, can embark on indefinite vacation without violating any laws if he or she has transmitted power to the appropriate quarters.

By interpretation it therefore imperative to note that Buhari is not the president of Nigeria from the day he transmitted power to his vice, prof Yemi Osinbajo. This event mandated the vice president, to become the acting president, and to exhibit powers as the president of the federation; thus Buhari is not constitutionally permitted to give orders nor directive until power is retransmitted back to him, infact Osinbajo is in full control of governance and constitutionally empowered to exercise all functions designated to the president and he is not under any constitutional duty to relay his decision to Buhari or seek approval from him before embarking on any official duty as the acting president. By implication any document or decision signed or made by him as the acting president becomes legally valid and stands in the same position as if the substantive president signed them.

Presently, the stepped aside president, “Buhari’’ is a Nigerian citizen and that citizenship he holds beyond lifetime, as such he needs our prayers as a fellow citizen not our protest. The protesters who are protesting are not grounded on substantial constitutional right on this occasion and as such I will rather say their actions were either by omission or commission by infuriatingly demanding for Buhari’s resignation twisting the section 146CFRN of the constitution, thus committing blunders and misinterpretation of the law.  Don’t quote me wrong that a citizen or citizens does not have the right to protest but on what ground? Protest and criticism are democratic norms and common place(desiderata) in civilized societies for checkmating excess in governances it would have been very compensating if the protesters were protesting against issues of premium values like the high corrupt practices among people of high profile who had or are currently squandering Nigerian funds unnecessary or exercise such energy on pressing issues which our government have neglected rather they are flexing their energy on baseless constitutional protest over an ailing fellow citizen (president) who stepped aside over 90days ago.

On the other hand, Prof Osinbajo is really showing his capability that he can perform, he has also demonstrated his intellectual might and capabilities with an outstanding result, penetrating to the “no-go areas” improving the economy and breaking barriers notwithstanding the distractors at upper house and lower house. I want to single handedly spur him and invigorate his fulcrum to do more as he is currently fully in control of the presidential seat.

To fellow Nigerians we should pray vehemently for the strength of the president (stepped aside) to regain his full health status in order to return to his country Nigeria weather he wish to come to resign or continue.

God Bless Nigeria My country.

Pastor Imo-owo Udo is the chairman Board of Trustee and CEO of Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association.


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