Buhari’s Cabal Incessant Game Has Lose Its Efficiency as Buhari Has Not Return In 92 Days Now

It’s not Our prayer for anyone to be sick neither should we pray for anyone to die not even those you call your enemy for your duty is to love them as God loves us.

Let us start it this way, Nigerians think politics in every business is the way forward, but this timeit has failed Buhari’s cabal wholly. On January 19th, the president traveled for a medical trip in London refusing to patronize Nigerian hospitals since they have the money but that is not our concern for now, he was flown back after about 50 days so that it won’t exceed the constitutional 90 days of if a Leader is absent in the country he ceases to serve in that capacity. On May 7th 2017 the cabal arranged for Buhari to travel again saying that he is going back to gain weight as he lost weight due to his ill health (so London is now a place to gain weight??) But the revelation of the truth as manifest as Buhari has not return even after 90days.

Since Buhari travelled on 7th May, 2017 high profile visit had been arranged by his cabal to cover up the diffusing pungent smelling allover which will soon explode as an atomic bomb.

A source very close to the President had disclosed that the President was beset by cancer but the cabal continue to hide his major ailment in order to fool Nigerians to protect their interest and continue to satisfied their stomach and that of their families, leaving Nigerians in perpetuated poverty.

The so far visit is arranged by the cabal to sell a narrative of miraculous recover but such impression is cancelled by the deterioration of the president health.

In a meeting held in Saudi Arabia on June a source disclosed that Mr. Isa Funtua proposed that if Buhari is in deteriorating state Acting President Osinbajo should be barred from becoming substantive President because he is afraid if Osinbajo takes over he will alter the power equation for members of the cabal, who believe that power should not shift from North till eight years, he compared Osinbajo to former President Goodluck Johnathan saying “he his stronger and wiser than Goodluck Johnathan”, During the same meeting other members of the cabal rather suggested that president Buhari resignation letter should be draft then Osinbajo take over but only if Osinbajo will accepted the current Attorney General and Minister of Justice Abubakar Malani to be his Vice president.

It was the outcome of this meeting that prompt Mrs. Aisha Buhari to travel to London to meet with her husband but was not allowed to meet him until after four days later where she met with her husband to have dinner together and came back to post “ The King of the Animal kingdom would soon return and will send the opposition packing” on Facebook.

This course the Acting President Osinbajo to leave Aso rock to meet with the President one-on-one but only to come back and say the President is recovering fast but the cabal knew that Osinbajo has leaked the real state of President’s health to the media though he didn’t come back with any pictorial evident or video.

On 23rd July, the cabal also arranged another visit picking few APC leaders and Governors to visit Buhari in London while on 26th  of the same month some PDP governors handpicked by the APC cabal were led by Gov. Okorocha of Imo state to visit him.

Thereafter Obasanjo went there with former governor of Osun State Oyinlola to visit PMB, all came back to say “the president has recovered”. We know very well that all this packaging is to deceive us Nigerians but the 90 days which as elapse has speak for itself. Just of recent the Archbishop of Canterbury Welby visited Buhari and they discuss for some hours. Mrs. Buhari was expected to return to Nigeria with her husband on 2nd August but only for her to come back without Buhari because the Doctors looking after Buhari has finally open up that Buhari is not coming back until weeks later if not months.

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