Count Down: Few Days To Go Osinbajo May Takeover – Pst. Imo-Owo Andrew

His Excellency Prof. Yemi Osinbajo the Acting President of Federal Republic of Nigeria may take over full the leadership of Nigeria following the Nigerian constitution stating that if the President is out of the country for 90 days he seize to be the President of the Country.

Its 62 days now since President Buhari has been away for a medical trip, the Acting President Prof Osinbajo has been acting in his capacity now it remaining 28 days to the 90 days and we Nigerians have not heard any development about the President health.

Though we are not praying for him to be sick or remain in London for his remaining days to elapse but looking at the look of things some cabal are planning bad for the Vice President in-order for him not to take over and  we the members of light and oneness say to the VP let not your heart be trouble but to believe in the Promise Comforter whom Our Lord Jesus  Christ promised that He will come to guide us and lead us to accurate knowledge of truth that the said cabal will not succeed their evil plan.

His Excellency Prof. Osinbajo you are covered by the Comforter the Holy Spirit of truth who will never allow any evil plan against you to work because heaven and earth find you worthy to be the president of Nigeria after ninety days. Be happy and also thank our Lord Jesus Christ, because I Pastor Imoh owo Udo Andrew the President of light and oneness good leadership and also the Executive chairman board of trustee have seen the grace of God the Father in you and no one can take away this grace from you no one. His Excellency prof. Yemi Osinbajo I say no one and no body. We finally thank God in Ex-President Olusengu Obsenjo for his vision coming through.

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