Detriments of Traditional Herbs to Your Health

By:Nuhu Mark
Traditional. herbal are plant used as medicine. These herbs are used with the sole aim of healing all manner of diseases and body maintenance. They are either taken in as powders, capsule and extract orally or applied on various part of the body.
Herbalists use whole plant extracts, this means that the whole of the flowering tops or roots are used. Herbalists believe using the whole plant parts gives the best results. In herbal practice the whole plant is extracted into a chosen medium so that all the many components that make up a plant can contribute to its actions as a medicine. All these different elements complement and enhance each other making a potent and effective medicine. The sum of all these parts working together is better than the individual parts working on their own.
Traditional herbs are termed as natural brand of medication with no side effects hence, its speedy acceptance among the general world population. However most herbs have not been properly tested to prove their genuine effectiveness yet, herbs are still being consumed at the expense of scientifically tested and proven medicines. Its consumers believe it is free from intoxicating synthetic substances in western medicines.
It is true that these herbs have been used to cure some ailments over time and have gain recognition globally, but herbs will still have its adverse effect on the human health as most of them are being used without any specific dosage and their chemical Composition have not been known and tested for appropriate treatment.
Melanie Johns reported that extract from garlic have been reported to cause burning sensation in the gastrointestinal tract, nausea, diaphoresis, and lightheadednes, Gingo Biloba has been reported to cause bleeding through the iris into the interior part of the eye chamber (Melanie, 2017) . This plant extract is also associated with liver cancer. Large dosages of kava has been shown to be capable of giving rise to dry, scaly skin, and yellowish discoloration of the skin and nails, photosensitivity and redness of the eye(Melanie, 2017). Nephrotoxicity, toxicity, hypertension, allergic reaction, dizziness and forgetfulness are some alarming side effects of using herbs.
Complications associated to herbs are greatly related to their interaction with conventional medicines, prolonged usage over time, excessive consumption (overdose). Therefore, there is need to acquire adequate and proper information about herbs before indulging in their use.

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