English Clubs are not favoured in the Champions League – JOSE MOURINHO

The group stage of Europe prestigious competition kickstarts  on Tuesday and Wednesday and there are some excitement to look forward to, including Barcelona taking on Juventus, the team who knocked them out of last season’s competition, and Manchester United and Chelsea’s return to the tournament..
Mourinho’s team host Basel on Tuesday in their first Champions League match since 2015. Mourinho believes English sides are at a disadvantage every year because clubs from Europe can prioritise the tournament in a way English sides can’t
Ahead of Manchester United’s first game on Tuesday,Mourinho was quoted saying:
“We have to admit that there are differences in relation to other countries. That’s obvious but there is nothing to do, that’s the way it is”

“Real Madrid last year played the last month in La Liga with a second team. They could do it. They arrived in the Champions League final with a fresh team.

“Juventus, because they were champions in Italy three months in advance, they could play the last month with a second team.

“They were fresh also for the quarter-finals, semi-finals, final. English teams normally that’s impossible, because the competition goes very strong until the end.”

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