Despite what is happening, if others can forget easily all that His Excellency the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Professor Yemi Osinbajo has done for this government me personally Pastor Imo-owo Udo Andrew I’ve not forgotten it. I saw it right from the inception when he and President Muhammadu Buhari assume power; I found him as the only and special person in this administration that has kept the administration of His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari moving forward whenever he is given an opportunity to do so, especially when Buhari is out of the country.

Osinbajo is so loyal to His Excellency Mohammadu Buhari and his government. There is no single time the President travel out of the country that the Vice President Pastor Osinbajo will not perform well. I wish God should give him the reward of a good and steadfast servant amen. Osinbajo is very intelligent in administration, he is a man that I so much love, in fact, I love everything about him, and I want to tell him to keep on developing and moving our country forward, also keep on developing and pushing the Christians that believe in our Lord Jesus Christ forward.

As President Muhammadu Buhari is preparing to travel out of the  country again  for you  to be made the Acting-President the third time something very great will come your way because the way God does His things differs from the way we human does our thing so Professor Osinbajo there is a testimony that is coming your way as Buhari is traveling.  God is God forever He has never changed. Osinbanjo Christ is with you and He will never leave you to stumble and fall, if there is nobody to glorify God in a government, God can use anybody to glorify himself and you may be such a person He can use to glorify Himself if you can be faithful to yourself and to God. His Excellency you are a stone that God has not forgotten, He is always with you and He said a Christian and a believer of our Lord Jesus Christ will rule Nigeria and I believe His words are true because He Himself is the truth so something great will come your way before 2019.

As His Excellency, the President is traveling out again, wherever He intends to travel as I see it in the spiritual realm the Holy Spirit will lead him there, keep him there and the Holy Spirit will come down to Nigeria to stay with you the Acting President and will lead and direct you, because if there is no way, God always create a way, when one door closed God open another one for a destiny child.

I have seen a leadership quality in you; the Holy Spirit has shown it to me. Now that President Muhammadu Buhari intent traveling out don’t forget our Lord Jesus Christ for He is the ultimate in everything, as President Buhari is traveling out Christ will give you the strength, power, wisdom to pilot the affairs of the government till the president comes back. God knows why He attached you to President Muhammadu Buhari, you being the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria may be a surprising thing to many people but it’s not a surprising thing to God because He made you be there for a purpose and I have been using your name to pray to God seriously for the Holy Spirit to reveal to me why you were picked to be the Vice President, and He has revealed it to me.

Everybody might reject APC, which you belong but do you know God has not rejected you? His Excellency I will not talk much for now because it is not good to reveal the secret of God in the public. Despite that, you have been a Vice President and an Acting President I want you to also remember that you are a Pastor and a man of God. Remember the question Our Lord Jesus Christ asked Peter, Peter son of Simeon do you love me?  And Peter answered and said “I do” and Jesus said unto him feed my sheep, Jesus asked him the second time Peter do you love me and Peter repeated Lord Jesus you know I love you and Jesus said feed my sheep and the third time Jesus still asked Peter the same thing and he still answer the same, and now if I may ask you His Excellency Yemi Osinbajo do you love our Lord Jesus Christ? if yes is your answer be ready He will come to talk to you, and you should also prepare to feed His sheep as Peter did. His Excellency I saw you smiling in the presidential villa in the spiritual realm and I believe in the physical realm you will smile, let me preserve the secret for now.

Osinbajo you will be blessed before 2019. God bless you goodbye.

My name remains Pastor Imo-ow Udo Andrew the coordinator and president of Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association we believe in Christ miracle. Happy Christmas in advance and a prosperous new year ahead.


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