How to Boost Your Facial Hairs with Garlic, Biotin (From Banana) and Silica Supplement

By: Nsisong Eyo

Facial hairs are hairs grown by men on their face, it is mostly natural and at most times genetics make up of an individual and the diet you eat contribute to facial hair growth.

Men from the age of 15 years can start growing facial hairs but may not be as thick until their 20s, while so many do not grow even at 24, not growing facial hair does not mean that something is wrong with you, it might be because of your genetic makeup, but if you haven’t notice any facial hairs and you want to grow them or even if you have grown it but your beard are not thick enough or not connected at your chin, I want you to read this article to the end and know how you can grow thick and connected facial hairs naturally without any side effect.

Things You should Not Do

1.      Do not microwave or expose your bottle water to sun light:  Do you know that if you microwave your bottle water or expose it to sun light before you drink it repeatedly it causes BPA to release, BPA according to scientist they think it may mimic estrogen in male, estrogen are female hormones so as a man if the level of estrogen in you is high your body will be reacting as a female and since female don’t grow beard the hormones will hinder the growth of facial hairs.

2.       Do not eat greater soy bases product such as soy milk: soy milk is rich in plant protein which is thought to be healthier than animal base protein like beef, pug etc. Soy base protein according to research releases Isoflavones in the body and Isoflavone mimics estrogen as well and this also leads to hindering the growth of facial hairs. So, if you want to grow facial hairs as a man you should reduce the intake of this things.

What to do to grow facial hairs

most time you rush because your friends grow facial hairs you also want it immediately, release your genetics composition and your friends own are different. If you really want to grow facial hairs things you need to do is boost your testosterone level with garlic. Garlic is a very good testosterone booster: note that the more masculine a man features are can be tied to his testosterone level, so some men born with low testosterone level and garlic is one of the nutritious natural product on earth found to help treat most diseases like heart disease, fungal infection in wound and boosting of testosterone level in men. Note you should moderate it intake slowly as research has found out it effect depend with person and too much extremely taking it also can cause cells death.

Biotin and silica intake. Bananas is one of the product or fruit which are high on biotin naturally so you can eat banana to boost your biotin supplement they will definitely boost your beard growth while also eating food rich in silica or from supplement, as both biotin and silica boost testosterone.

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