I believe the Judges will not do as INEC did by selling the right of PDP to APC

My question to all the lawyers and judges in Nigeria is when I was a child I learned that judiciary is an autonomous body and the last hope of a common man, that nobody can influences nor boycott the judiciary orders, what is happing nor or have they sold their right to one person? sometimes when I sat down to see the Layers and judges tendering judgment now, I become so ashamed, since the inception of this government, I have witnessed how the judges and lawyers have been paraded to answer question on judgments they tender rightly, just because the judgment is against the ruling party, they made them be as people who don’t autonomous power anymore, that is why I want to ask our learned ones, are they still protecting the integrity of the law and constitution in Nigeria?

They have allowed money and the influence of one person to carry them away from their normal practice, is this good? I want to advise the judiciary to seat up, let all of them go back in one mind and work for the interest of justice and the common man and not for money. If our judiciary is working well, the judgment of the case between Atiku and Buhari in the just concluded general election will proof, their integrity is been tested by Nigerians.

If you do don’t say the truth you commit a sin against your spirit and the Bible says, sinner where will you be when you die, where will you go to, so you that sees the truth in the election between Atiku Abubakar and President Muhammadu Buhari and refused to say the truth, where will you go?

How will we know that the judges are saying the truth? Is giving the right to whom it rightly belongs to in the case between Atiku and Buhari. I Myself, I am not a judge, I am not under judiciary, as a Pastor and a Priest of God I know the truth on the just concluded election and that is what I and Nigerians are waiting to see how the judges from the tribunal, Appeal court, and Supreme Court will go about the truth about this matter.

I want to remind the judges that PMB came with 3 point agenda and one of his 3 point agenda is fighting corruption with sincerity, I want to advice them to carry on with that hand by tendering the right judgment on the case between Atiku and Buhari if they have the fear of God and proof that they are not corrupt. I know before you were appointed to take the position of a judge you must have been given an orientation that you should always be supporting the seating government and that amount to not tendering the right judgment if is because of that you don’t say the truth God judgment is also coming so don’t be afraid of the seating government say the truth and you shall be set free.

I want to use this opportunity to thank the army and its chief staff; I want to thank the Inspector General of Police, all the senior police officers and all the policemen in Nigeria and all other security agents for their immense contribution in safe guiding life and properties during the last election. I pray may the Almighty Everlasting Father, the king of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the I am that I am, the one who is in our mist here in Nigeria bless them and all Nigerians. Amen.

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