After Buhari we won’t have this type of President again who in only three years achieved almost all his promises and even add the ones he did not promise.
The achievements are as follow:
1. This morning I went to Borno State to my surprise I saw a new and modern army Barrack at the former place we use have SAMBISA FOREST, this is so because Buhari administration had totally defeated BOKO HARAM as promised in 2015 and uses the place to build a modern army camp one of its best in the world and best in Africa. For this – SECOND TERM IS FOR YOU.
2. When he got power from the last administration Petrol was sold at N87 per liter today the N45 per liter we are enjoying is as a result of Buhari keeping to his campaign promise that he will reduce the pump price of petrol, truly President Buhari Is a man of his words. For that – SECOND TERM IS FOR YOU.
3. Everyone knows the condition of Federal roads and abandoned road project by the last administration but as am talking to you even the blind can see the starting and completion of 72 new federal roads across the country, this to name but a just few (a) start and commissioned Calabar to Akwa Ibom dualisation 1600km road with 7 bridges and street light. (b) start and completed of federal road Sokoto to Kebbi, 3 federal roads at Zamfara. 6 federal roads at Abia State Abia State and now Abia State like America. start and commissioned Akwa Ibom to Abia state dualization road with street light. For this – SECOND TERM IS FOR YOU.
4. Buhari initiated Calabar to Lagos railway in 2016 Budget today we are using the railway; he is truly a promise keeper. For this – SECOND TERM IS FOR YOU.
5. This one, who is not a witness to it, that when Buhari came in rice was N8500 and cement was N1700 today rice is N5000 a bag and cement is almost free with amount of just N900 Buhari is working for that – SECOND TERM IS FOR YOU.
6. We had no refinery but he promised us in 2015 and we voted him, today 3 refineries has been renovated while two new ones started and commissioned by him, they include Ondo Refinery commissioned 29th May 2019, Akwa Ibom refinery commissioned 1st October 2017. He repaired and revives the following refinery with modernized equipment Port Harcourt Refinery, Kano refinery and Lagos Refinery, I heard he has even discovered oil at Zamfara desert and on 12 June 2018 he is commissioning a groundbreaking refinery there, Buhari keeping to his promises. For that – SECOND TERM IS FOR YOU.
7. Currently if you observe the rate at which you are not see any graduate and youths at home in the morning again is as a result of Buhari Employment scheme, where massive employment was conducted in 2016, 2017, and the ones for 2018 is about to resume work. The youths now have Job with good pay, those in Diaspora who saw the platform of the nation face changing had to resigned from their petty jobs overseas and are currently working in Nigeria. I tell you Buhari is the man. For that. – SECOND TERM IS FOR YOU.
8. Fulani herdsmen who killed innocent Nigerians at Benue are currently in prison. For that – SECOND TERM IS FOR YOU.
9. Borno and Taraba is now a Tourist centre so you can visit there this weekend with your family and enjoy your stay. For that – SECOND TERM IS FOR YOU.
10. Talking of corruption fighting, this is his field of specialization. From 2015 to 2018 he has trail and jail, Mrs. Madueke seize N400b, trail and jail Amechi seize $13B, trail and jail Dazuki seize N800B, trail and jail Fashola seize N721b. trail and jail Tinibu seize N933b. trail and jail patience Jonathan seize $19b US dollar etc. The most wonderful thing is, he collected this money announce the total to Nigerians and used them to loan market women and youths to start up a business. For this reason – SECOND TERM IS FOR YOU.
11. Corpers allowee is now N59,000 as promised.
12. Minimum wage N59,000
13. HND BSc dichotomy sign into law, now HND is BTech just as British standard require, what a wonderful president. For this – SECOND TERM IS FOR YOU.
14. Peace Corps is now a federal para-military sign into law by Buhari. – SECOND TERM IS FOR YOU.
15. Medical care totally best in Africa competing with London that was why when the president has a little health challenge for 3 months he was treated in Nigeria, as promised. Some healthcare is free
16. As a lover for education and a graduate, though Buhari didn’t promise us this one but he do it because he knows education is the key, he built 7 new federal universities of technology and 6 Federal polytechnics not just that he offered free education to all first-year students in the federal higher institution. Wow. For this alone – SECOND TERM IS FOR YOU.
17. This last achievement which is the world greatest achievement ever since the world was created according to him is the award of GCFR to Abiola and moving May 29 democracy day to June 12 to honour Abiola what an achievement. Buhari you are a Democrat. For this – SECOND TERM IS FOR YOU.
In case I missed any of his achievement please help me add it. President Muhammadu Buhari with you Nigeria is moving Forward.

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