I wonder why APC members in Nigeria are jubilating, what is the reason for their happiness? Are they jubilating because Buhari will win the coming election or are they jubilating because Buhari is planning to leave the office? It is now that I know that APC has no visioner in their mist if their jubilation means that Buhari is going to continue as the president of Nigeria in 2019 that means they are all blind spiritually and are suffering from spiritual blindness. I want to assure APC that in the name of the Almighty God OOO that Buhari will never be the president again in Nigeria come 2019,  in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen! If APC like let angels decamp into it or let everybody in Nigeria join APC Buhari name is mark x. As far as the representative of God is in the seat of power in Nigeria, Dr Olusegun Obasanjo whom has issued a letter to Buhari since then even if his supporters like let them go to India or any satanic place in the world for power, I am assuring them that they will never succeed in putting Buhari as the president again in Nigeria come 2019.

Obasanjo is not on his alone, Obasanjo is controlled by the founder of this world and this is the same person that help APC to become the ruling government in Nigeria in 2015 and this is the same person Buhari and his supporters are insulting all the time and all his supporters are rejoicing saying Buhari has done well but he is biting the fingers that fed him. I now see all of them jumping around the street claiming to be what they are not. The APC national chairman Adams Oshiomole insulting OBJ  is insulting Leader Olumba Olumba Obu indirectly and directly for this reason in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ he will never succeed in putting a successor.

There is no hope for 2019 in the presidential villa for APC anybody that is not appointed by Obasanjo can never be the president of Nigeria come 2019, it was a direct instruction and order by the owner of the city the supreme Father Olumba Olumba Obu. Therefore anybody who feels he can fight Obasanjo should be able to fight with arrow of the Holy Spirit. Before such a person starts planning let him quickly recalled what happened between Goliath and David.

APC is Goliath if they are do not take caution in Obasanjo’s place what happened to Goliath will happen to them. If APC and their president don’t take time what happened to Pharaoh in the red sea will happen to them it is unfair to my eyes Pastor Imo-owo Udo Andrew who knows the detail how APC and Buhari came into power in Nigeria its very very surprised seeing APC biting that same finger that fed them, but look at them fighting with God’s representative in the seat of power in Nigeria imagine now they are jubilating.

If APC like let them struggle I am standing now as the messenger of God to let them know that is needless for APC to even hope for the presidential seat come 2019. No man with the right sense would like to join APC against 2019. Anybody who welcomes the insult Buhari is giving his own godfather such person needs deliverance. Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar can testify how that ticket was withdrawn from him and how Buhari took over, but no matter what happen Obasanjo stills remain the leader of the government in Nigeria, that does not change what he is. None of the evil plan of APC and that of president Buhari and all the angels which make them feels they are superior to Obasanjo  or that they can spoil the role of the holy spirit in Obasanjo’s way are all failures, what is in Obasanjo is greater than what is in them,  what is in Obasanjo is a living God whom does  not sleeping even for a second.

This is why I called on everybody who has confidence in this project to join Obasanjo’s program in Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association (LOGLA) which is link with the Holy Spirit for Obasanjo’s Vision 2019. For OBJ’s presidential choice will not fail election come 2019 in Nigeria believe me.


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