Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association, Nigeria chapter on behalf of myself the president of light and oneness good leadership association and all the state coordinators, all the ward coordinators, and all the members of this great organization, we are congratulating His Excellency Muhamadu Buhari, and all his cabinet, for his good performances since his resume power as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria in May 29, 2015. I in particularly Pastor Imo-owo Andrew want to tell Buhari well-done in his administration. I also want to remind His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari something incase he has forgotten soon, what I want to remind him is that his administration is coming to an end, come may 29th, 2019. Secondly, I also want to remind His Excellency that the Ex-President Obasanjo had already served him with a letter to forget about him going back to the presidential villa come May 29th, 2019.

If anybody has advice you or group of people that you should set your eyes on the presidential seat beyond 2019, please kindly forget about it.  His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo had already served you with a letter not to recontest but I have seen a lot of people celebrating your second term with the full hope that you are going to succeed, don’t mind them they are deceiving you, since the Christ of God, God Representative in the seat of power in Nigeria, the oracle of change has said it, it shall stand and Heaven  is standing behind him! His Excellency Muhammadu, I pastor Imo Andrew have not benefited from your administration, but I and my group Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association loves you more than even the people celebrating you. I want to tell you as Jonathan handed over to you peacefully, you should prepare to hand overcome May 29th, 2019. That same letter that you have been served is the same letter that was sent to the former president Goodluck Jonathan, before your coming in.

If you don’t believe now, I am assuring you, you will believe later and he who laugh last laugh best! Muhammadu I am certain that you should start now and prepare your loads come may 29th, 2019, for Chief Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo’s candidate. I am wishing you safe landing come May 29, 2019. I also advise all Nigerians to remain calm and focus on Obasanjo’s vision for Nigeria, he is the only one that has a say who will be the next president of this great country, let everybody, including the village heads, the clan heads, the paramount rulers, the house of representative members, the Governors, and the Senators in Nigeria, should stand by Obasanjo’s vision for Nigeria and believe also in Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association, because this great vision of chief Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo’s  vision will come to pass! Come May 29, 2019, welcome to Obasanjo’s project!!


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