JOKE: 30 Common Mentality Among Nigerians

1.Every sunday = Rice
2.All northerners are Muslims
3.All calabar ladies are good in bed
4.Rich hausa men are Alhaji while
5. poor ones are Aboki.

6.On a date the guy should pay the bill
7.The older child must marry first
8.When you travel abroad you become rich
9. A guy must be older than his girlfriend​/wife
10.Every noodle is indomie
11.No sex on first date
12.No calabar girl is a virgin
13.Igbo girls like money
14.Yoruba girls are dirty
15.Mix maltina and peak milk= blood tonic
16.Alomo bitter = sex fuel
17.Every Detergent is Omo.
18.All Tooth Paste Are Close Up.
19.Every Pen Na Biro.
20.All Seasoning is Maggi
21.Smoke Weed = Bad Boy
22.Every hardship Government

23. If you go NYSC you didn’t graduate

24.Every old woman for village is a witch

25.Any woman that go out with a man they are dating

26. All police are corrupt

27. Any girl above 18 is not a virgin

28.NEPA is still the company that distribute electric bill

29.Every Igbo man is a business man

30.All beautiful girl Ashawo

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