Neymar and Ronaldo 20 years Ago an History You Must read

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Loglablog recall that about 20 years ago that was in the summer of 1996 when Barcelona were signing a goofy 19-year-old kid from PSV Eindhoven who could score goals for fun by name  Ronaldo,this caused Barca to sign him for £13.2million in the summer of 1996 – a world record at the time making Ronaldo the most expensive player ever, a young admirer joined him to snap a selfie.  though we don’t know if this admirer had it in mind to become a star like Ronaldo, the name of this admirer is Neymar Jr.
20 years later, the young boy, Neymar is today the most expensive player with a signing fee 11 times higher than that of his hero at a record £222 million.”

Ronaldo  went to Barcelona and worked with Sir Bobby Robson  and Jose Mourinho. He was not the only significant arrival at Barcelona that summer, with Luis Enrique also joining him but Ronaldo scored 12 goals in his first 11 games including a hat-trick against Valencia. His acceleration and close control made him unmarkable at times. One goal scored against Compostela was typical of many scored that season. He is kicked, tripped and shirt-pulled by the opposition but he pulls away from defender after defender in a sprint from the halfway line in which the ball never leaves his feet until the final moment when he fires it inside the near post.

There were goals scored from impossible angles, goals scored after a nonchalant drag around the goalkeeper, even goals scored when Ronaldo appeared to be down and out of the action only for him to win the ball back while still on the ground and then spring to his feet before racing away to score. Many of the strikes left Bobby Robson astonished in the Camp Nou dugout. Ronaldo seemed to burst into spaces that only he has seen, bundling past defenders who were either knocked over by his super-human, pre-injuries strength, or bamboozled by his skill.

In spite of the remarkable one-man show, Barcelona did not win the league with Ronaldo at number nine. It is an oddity that owes as much to the somewhat shambolic organization that still blights Spanish football, as anything else.

La Liga had been made up of 22 teams instead of 20 that season because an attempt at relegating Sevilla and Celta Vigo on financial grounds had been overturned leading to their readmission and two extra sides in the top flight. Barcelona missed out on the league title after Ronaldo had to return to Brazil to play in the Copa Americ


Ronaldo (right) went to Barcelona and worked with Sir Bobby Robson (middle) and Jose Mourinho (left)


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