NIGERIA: The Born to Rule and the Born to Suffer

By Sulaiman Kazeem.
Presumably, having read the title of this write-up, some hardcore Pro-OneNigeria agents and the group of lazy thinkers among the Nigerian population have preempted the issues yet to be discussed, and may just look the other way or drop their usual sentimental opinions. Well, for the former, their interests are known, and for the later, their mental slavery is curable.
Interestingly, write-ups like this now fall under the category of HATE SPEECHES, so I should expect to receive an invitation from the DSS and other concerned security apparatus. However, it has become imperative for us to start the conversation NOW. Interestingly, this time around, it will not be just on the social media but we will hold meetings with the people at the grassroots and get them thinking aright. Mind you, members of the Nigerian ruling class and their likes will be watching from afar, and then, we shall ACT accordingly and reposition our heritage.
FYI, the injustice in our political ‘relationship’ has been there for over a century but it was bequeathed to our forefathers at the dawn of our country’s independence.  Not withstanding, we must also blame all successive governments, to include the government of the day, for their failure to rescue justice and return sanctity to the land. Sad, not only was justice kidnapped during the same time, but it was embedded in our political arrangements and employed to disenfranchise regions from autonomic resource control, at their detriments and this is the bane of our woes as a people.
Doesn’t it bother you that the Nigerian Government could not decimate the terror in the Northern Nigeria before it metamorphosed into a full blown insurgency? Doesn’t it interest you that the Federal Government retreated in its plans to ‘roast’ those economic saboteurs in the Niger Delta and arrest their kingpins? Do you know why the Federal Government could not curb the excesses of the OPC, even when the group was killing indiscriminately? Does the FG’s failure to arrest those Arewa Youths who gave the Easterners an ultimate to vacate Northern Nigeria, make you worried? Okay, do the thinking.
Now, take your time to think and know why the Federal Government have been acting otherwise in the case of the agitation for the Republic Of Biafra and Oduduwa nation, and why the Federal Government has been silent on the call for restructuring and true federalism?
Mind you, you are doing yourself a great injustice, if you expect the federal government to go the 1966/67 way on Nnamdi Kanu and his co-travellers, who are yet to be armed. Don’t join people who think that nothing will happen. Moreover, Nigeria became a democratic landscape on the 29th Of May, 1999.
It should bother you why the hen that lays the golden eggs has been left to suffer. While the captor feeds fat on its proceeds.

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