Nigerians have heard from the horse’s mouth, his Excellency chief Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo who spoke last week at the meeting of Coalition for Nigeria Movement at Oyo state Ibadan that all Nigerians should go and get their voters card as an instrument to remove bad governance, this means that Dr. OBJ is ready to show us the next president for 2019. My own advice is in accordance to what Obasanjo has just said, everyone who is of age 18 and above in Nigeria should go and get their permanent voters card (PVC) and when you get it don’t give it out to anybody or to any party who is roaming about to buy votes for 2019, rather keep it safe until Baba show us who to vote for in 2019 presidency.

I want to let you know that Obasanjo does no wrong by showing us this new way to follow, believe that the new president whom Obasanjo will show us will correct all the mistakes of both the past and our present leaders. Note that the task of correcting this mistake is not of Obasanjo alone but is the duty of everyone by voting in the right candidate, I and you have a part to play. Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association also has a part to play by casting their votes to OBJ’s candidate that is if we all need our mistakes to be corrected. Other groups and parties in Nigeria have to do the same thing, don’t stand afar looking at this project predicting failure or saying Obasanjo is old and should go and rest instate come and join Dr. Obasanjo’s train to make things better from 2019.

What am saying now is basically for my own good, your own good and for the good of our generation unborn, come let’s join hands together and keep the train moving, do not doubt this project because Obasanjo’s project is God’s project and it will come to pass. My greatest joy is whether you believe it or not you will see how it will come to success as OBJ’s presidential candidate will emerge by May 2019. May the Almighty God bless you more as you comply with this project. Say no to Buhari come 2019 and say yes to Obasanjo’s candidate come 2019 as the next president of Nigeria.

Thank you Holy Father for making your son Obasanjo’s project comes to reality. O.O.O may your name be glorified. Amen!

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