On behave of myself Pastor Imo-owo Udo Andrew the President of Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association and entire members of the association I call on all the Yoruba’s that this is the time for them to rise and support the gold they have in their midst who is His Excellency, Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo. Obasanjo is not just an ordinary man in the mist of Yoruba’s; he is that Yoruba man with all categories. Yoruba’s should not allow the adage which says a prophet has no honour in his country home to be so in their mist because Obasanjo deserve respect from Yorubas, that is why I call on all sectors and sections in South-west ranging from ministers, governors, deputy governors, Senators, House of Representatives, House of Assembly members, chairmen, councilors,  youth leaders, youths, women and all works of life that this is the time for all of them to open their eyes to know that without Obasanjo being a Yoruba man, a Yoruba person will be nothing before the northerner. You should all come back home and embrace what you have. Dr. obasanjo is like a precious stone in your mist.

Don’t allow anyone else in Yoruba land to deceive you that he is politically important or incline than Obasanjo it’s a lie. Even we in Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association knows the important and value of Obasanjo to the Yoruba land, to Nigeria and to the world at large.

Dr. Obasanjo is recognized by God Almighty who created heaven and earth Leader O.O.Obu that was why He gave him a crown above other political crown in Nigeria, He called it “The Christ of God” that is God representative in the seat of Nigeria power. This shows you how important Obasanjo is in Yoruba land and in Nigeria. Support Obasanjo’s presidential candidate come 2019, he is the only right person to give us a presidential candidate for now.

By the time the South-West gives their unalloyed support to Obasanjo’s candidate, they have now given honour to whom honour is due. Form today may the Holy Father bless all the Yorubas as they comply with this message. Amen!

Thank you Father O.O.O may your name alone be glorify.

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