I am saying to Nigerians footballers in Russia 2018 congratulation for participating in the world tournament and at the same time all the key players and the executives who will make us proud congratulations. We also thank the organizers of the FIFA world cup. I know super eagles will make Nigeria proud. I also thank the fans both young and old and I also thank the governors in Nigeria who has found time to go to Russia in support of super eagle’s participation in the world cup in Russia. I thank all the senators who find time to go to this world cup in Russia to watch Nigeria playing live.

I thank the minister of youths and sport Mr. Solomon Dalong, and the entire ministry for their supports, I also thank the president Muhammadu Buhari and his Vice Prof Yemi Osibanjo for their support to super eagles outing to Russia for the world cup. I give this thanks to His Excellency the Executive Governor of Rivers State Barr Nyesom Wike for his great contribution towards the success for Nigerians to participate in the world cup. I thank the governor of my dear state His Excellency Deacon Udom Emmanuel for his great contribution on behalf of the state because he is lovers of sport.

I also recognize all the sitting senators representing Akwa Ibom State in the National Assembly for all their great contribution and unflinching support. I want to give this great thanks to all the youths who will be the leaders of tomorrow and the new president come 2019 for all their support for Nigeria super eagles in Russia. It is all well because Nigeria will go safely and come back safely but they may not come back with the world cup this turn. It is only in the next world cup that Nigeria will win the cup and come back with it.

The first 35 years old president of Nigeria come 2019 will be the first president to receive the world cup. As His Excellency President Buhari sign into law that from 35 years old can contest for the position and that is the age at which the next president of Nigeria be and what he signed into law, not too young to run will come to pass come 2019, but Nigeria will play very well in the tournament but they may not win the world cup this time around.

The luck for winning the world cup is in the hands of the new president who His Excellency Chief Dr. OBJ will present, whom all of you will come back to receive. So whatever position Nigeria finds itself they should take it in good faith, next tournament is for Nigeria to go back and bring the world cup back home.

What I mean is that let nobody blame the coach or the players if super eagles doesn’t carry the cup, because I saw in a vision the Holy father showed me that Nigeria will play very well but they will not win the world cup, its for them to come back peacefully and happily and join vision 2019 because this is the project is owned by Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association in support of OBJ vision 2019.

Light and Oneness knows that the future for better Nigeria is at Chief Obasanjo’s hand come 2019 for the presidential candidate of his choice, this will make  Nigeria win the next tournament of the world cup, and the world cup will remain in this country for a long time,  so, come back and support Obasanjo’s vision. Obasanjo will give Nigeria a coach through the new coming in president that will make the youths and all lovers of football to be proud of Nigeria. My advice now to footballers and the entire Nigerians is that there is no need to struggle for the world cup in this tournament they shall be luck in the next tournament for them to come back with the world cup.

We shall be blessed from 29th May 2019, Nigeria story will change from worst to better, the liberation will touch even the sports sector, the positive change will touch sports sector and all life. When you come back from your trip to Nigeria come and join Light Oneness to support Obasanjo to give us that president that will come in with all good things. Before the end of his 8 years, Nigeria will win the world cup. once again congratulations to the super eagles in Russia 2018. I wish Nigeria good time.

May the Father Leader Olumba Olumba Obu bless Nigeria, Amen

Sign By:

Pastor Imo-owo Udo Andrew – President Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association.

Belief in Chief Dr. Olusegun  Obasanjo vision come 2019 because he will definitely succeed to give us a new president.

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