I salute you is Excellency Vice President of Nigeria, Pastor Yemi Osinbajo, I am very happy to tell you the secret of how you and APC will be a new dawn in the presidential villa in 2019. The secret goes this way, it was on 3rd of October 1999, when the right owner of this country the founder and owner of BCS Leader Olumba Olumba, declares His son his Excellency the former President of Nigeria Rtd. General Olusegun Obasanjo was given the mandate that he is the head, the Christ of God and God’s representative in the seat of power in Nigeria. That Obasanjo Olusegun has the final decision in the seat of the presidency on behalf of Nigerians. This is a very top secret which no Pastor, no Reverend or Spiritualist knows where about came the power of Obasanjo but now have told you, this is what I want you the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to know and also tell your members of APC.

I asked you and other members of APC the other time, whether you know who is O.O.O, and up till now none of you has called me on my phone line to give me the answer instead you Professor Osinbajo and the Minister of Transport Mr. Rotimi Amaechi went straight to go and meet with the political godfather of Nigeria Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo, knowing full well that he is God’s representative in the seat of power in Nigeria and as such he doesn’t speak anyhow.

I wonder why Professor Yemi Osinbajo and Minister of Transport Mr. Rotimi Amaechi do not fear God, if I may ask them do they know Obasanjo? How do they know him, upon the love and respect I have for Professor Osinbajo thinking that he is intelligent and a man of God, is now that I know that his Professorship is without common sense, for him Osinbajo and Amaechi to go and plead with Obasanjo on behave of a person like Muhammadu Buhari which they know Obasanjo had rejected, is it not a shameful thing? Look I want to assure all of u that, President Buhari is a nobody before God and Obasanjo and since Buhari is a nobody before Obasanjo we in Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association also don’t regard Buhari as anybody because we know no matter what he does, he will not win the 2019 election.

You don’t think of yourself how you will escape the punishment that is coming to befall all APC in 2019 instead you and Amaechi went and meet with Obasanjo, just because you heard me declaring you as the new dawn for 2019, were you thinking I was declaring you to become the president? My intention as the President of Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association was that you will call me so that I take you down to Obasanjo to go and plead for forgiveness for failing to recognize him in your administration and failing Nigerians, instead of that you rob the message I gave to you by going with Amaechi to meet Obasanjo thinking that you are fast, going to Obasanjo was not to go and beg for APC and Buhari continuity. It was to go and beg for forgiveness because if APC leaves the Presidential seat in 2019 without pleading Obasanjo for forgiveness there will still be problems in APC family. I was doing this thinking that I am talking to someone spiritually inclined not knowing that you are not spiritually inclined to understand the message.

So, my dear fellow Nigerians I want to assure us one thing that will never fail us in this country and that thing is the decision of the Christ of God and God’s representative Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and I have been telling Nigerians this for a long time now. Though Nigerians have failed to understand this project of Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association which we have been doing since because the people don’t have the fear of God and don’t want to hear what God has said, despite the fact that they are shouting Jesus yet they don’t have the Spiritual mind to understand what we are always talking about and what the Holy Father Leader Olumba Olumba Obu said about Obasanjo.

I want to thank His Excellency Chief Olusegun Obasanjo for driving out those two people that went to plead for someone who is not useful to Nigerians, a President that does not have the citizen in his mind. This proves to me that I have no missed call for knowing you and for Olumba to introduce you to me and what you chief Olusegun Obasanjo is. For this, I reserve my respect for you till eternity.

Thank you Father


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