Prince Charles Get Upset as Queen Elizabeth II Appoint Grandson William and Kate as Her Successor.

The Queen of England recently appoint the heir to the throne of England appointing Prince William as the King and Kate as the Queen. This official appointment of the British Monarchy which the Queen is said to have the sole right to appoint from the family line who ever she deems fit took place on Wednesday 9th August, 2017 at Windsor House England.

According to a report by Yahoo the Queen decide to appoint a younger generation in the position who will fit in a modern world. The Queen who is 91 years of age didn’t appoint Prince Charles her son who is 68 years whom had been long waiting for the position for years.

People around the world where excited on the Queen decision but a report from a close source to the monarchy revealed to us that things had not been going on well between Prince Charles and Prince William since Queen Elizabeth announced her decision, though Charles wife Caimilla Parker is not found to be upset by the mother-in-law’s decision, as the will move on with time.

Queen Elizabeth had been on the royalty as a Queen for 65 years now and is expected that she will live to her 100s as the Queen is still healthy and hearty still performing her job effectively. It was also revealed by an insider that the Queen decision for Prince William and Kate is because she believe that the monarchy does not has the respect and power it once had as such William and Kate are fit for the position and they can turn things around when compared to Prince Charles and Camilla.

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