The Attack On Charly Boy, at Wuse Market – Abuja: Stop Thinking With Your ‘STOMACH’, Use Your Brains.

Firstly, you will agree with me that both great nations and unprosperous nations are products of thoughts and actions, of their leaders and undaunted supports from a majority of the people. Specifically, great nations are not products of political mediocrity, bad leadership, distorted loyalty, ethnic rivalries and religious hypocrisy.
Today, again, the Nigerian layer in the social media sphere has been filled with opinions and comments from concerned Nigerians, on the recent attack on Charly Boy at Wuse market, Abuja. Interestingly, these opinions and comments have again further substantiate my submission that we are our own very problems and that we are not ready to change our ways of life and lines of thoughts for better. Thus, we are yet to begin our journey to sustainable greatness.
You have the suffrage to choose to be either on the side of those uneducated miscreants who almost lynched Charly Boy to death because he is of the opinion that President Buhari’s return from his medical leave is long overdue and then go further to criticise him for taking his ‘protest’ to a market dominated by Northerners or choose to applaud his decision, share in his concerns and demand that those involved in the inhuman action are arrested and dealt with accordingly. The choice is yours.
Mind you, neither am I interested in whose side you have chosen nor am I ready to criticise you or give accolades but let me reawaken your brutalised brains and sentiment-filled minds that violence is neither a sexist nor a tribalist.
Today, a majority of you guys are always battle ready to shout down and cast aspersions on anybody seen or perceived as an antagonist of the present day President Buhari led government and remind them of where they have erred in the past and how their forefathers misjudged. Unfortunately, your preys knows no bound and includes senior citizens and those who have made meaningful contributions to the growth of the country, if they dare say anything against President Buhari or his led government. Issorait, tiri gbosas for you pipus.
Hey guys, this is definitely not loyalty or patriotism at any level, but stupidity, gullibility and crass illiteracy at its ugliest form. Let me remind you that speaking the truth to power and redirecting the cameras of the ruling class to matters that affects the downtrodden is patriotism and revolutionary. This new trend of jungle justice on suspected criminals and attacks on anti-government protesters will boomerang very soon, if not well checked.
Grab your internet enabled device and write as many fantastic and appealing words as you can, all to show your unflinching loyalty to the incumbent administration and to castigate people who refuse to align with your thoughts and opinions. It is very fine, but be reminded that something unprecedented will hit the ground running sooner than you may think, and change the rhetorics forever. You may just be consumed or completely paralyzed by the monster you have joined to create or by your own very shadow.
Guys, read about democracy, and how it is practiced in great countries. However, democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people, until proven otherwise.

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