The teacher is in our mist, as it was written by the last prophet, Our Lord Jesus Christ that it is expedient I go away, for the teacher to come, if I don’t go away the teacher will not come. John 15:16 and John 15:1 to the end. Now the teacher is here, the supernatural teacher, the one that should teach Christianity and humanity practical. It was not written about founders of churches in the world, the pope is not the teacher he was talking about, the president is not the teacher he was talking about, the paramount ruler is not the teacher he was talking about, not even was he referring to, none of all these people can teach and lead to accurate knowledge of the truth! Expectation of one person and that is Jehovah God Himself. The teacher, the comforter, the spirit of truth, 0.0.0 is the teacher, the only one that reign supreme, in heaven and on earth, who came into this world, not only in this world, some people taught that 0.0.0bu is dead, but he’s alive. He came to live forever and ever, He dies only but once that was on the cross of Calvary, he will not die again.

Olumba Olumba Obu, has no deputy, no personal assistance, he’s like Noah here on earth. Who is ready amongst you to know? You may not believe, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is the kingdom of God on earth, don’t eat, drink, giving in marriage, indulging in all abominable life and thinking that, that is the best. Beware 2019.

2019 is for righteous people, it’s for Christians to enjoy in the whole world. 2019 is for Nigerians to be set free from captivities this is why sometimes when I look at the rulers, the governors, the president, the way that they are joking with our resources, but they refuse to know that the God of heaven is here looking at them, and all of them are now looking toward going for second term when they have not performed well in the first term. It is only a child of God that will succeed in the rulership of Nigeria, 2019. This is because the teacher knows why he bestowed the power of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. Rejoice Olumba will give us a leader who will represent us in the seat of presidency come 2019 that will make Nigerians smile. He knows all our problems as far as he is from this country. This is why I still keep on encouraging Nigerians, most especially the women and the youth, because the new president will carry all the women along, and by 2019 we shall have a first lady, a mother that will take care of Nigerians. This is because this administration has few months and day to leave the office, as they are leaving they are leaving with the difficulties they brought to our country, the new coming president will come in with humility, caring, and truthfulness. He will value the women to be important; this is why I am talking about the teacher.

The supernatural teacher taught me that women are very very important in government and in the society. Women were liberated from slavery from the kitchen to the freedom of leadership. This is why we call on the women, home and abroad to come and support Light and Oneness Good Leadership association, Vision 2019 and to give vote massively to Dr. Olusengun Obasanjo’s candidate. The next president will carry all the women and the youths along, we shall enjoy our right!

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