I am here to say something again and I will not stop to say it out, last time I post about APC and PDP for Akwa Ibomite to give me their answer and views about why is it necessary or not necessary to adopt His Excellency the Governor of Akwa Ibom State Mr. Udom Emmanuel for a second term, and I got very interesting answers and people views about it.

One of the views was that, reason was given why he should not be adopted that the governor has over punished the workers of the state (civil servants) by not paying them their salary and arrears on time, pensioners their gratuity and their right has not been given to them by this administration and all their incentives has been removed by the permanent secretary, even some of the commissioners are suffering and he the governor is very very stingy. The second reason was that he does not tell Akwa Ibom State people the truth where our money is going to and I can see the element of truth in their answers.

Another person said he has no party to vote for, whether APC or PDP, come 2019 in Akwa Ibom State. This means that a new party should come into the state, a party that will work hard to enthrone this party. This is why we in Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association have called for a better change in Nigeria and in our great state, Akwa Ibom State. A party who can work hard for a better Akwa Ibom State and Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association is in support of such a person and good leadership. The views and answers by these people are why I say the government of Akwa Ibom state is performing very badly. Another view and answer from a citizen of Onna LGA said “This administration of Udom Emmanuel is full of stories, there is no good infrastructure and roads on the ground you only heard of fly over existing in TVs but not seen physical, the state is empty and the civil servant and pensioners are suffering but TV’s commissioned industries are broadcast every day yet not employment”.

This is why we call on Akwa Ibom people to support Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association to embark on the vision 2019 that Dr. OBJ is coming up with; he will bring change and a better life to all Nigerians who are lovers of good thing. He will also help Akwa Ibom people to have a good and dynamic governor that will have pity on pensioners, create employment opportunities, that believe in live and let’s live. The new party that chief Dr. Olusegun has come up with, which will bring up a new president that will succeed president Muhammadu Buhari come 29th May 2019, will do that. Also, I suggest that a more credible candidate should come out in a new party other than APC and PDP and contest for the governorship so he can come and correct the wrongs and mistakes of Udom’s government.

It is good to call black black and white white. Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association in Akwa Ibom State has stood firm to call what is white white, we need a government that will tell the people of the state a simple truth, they are a lot of project in this Udom administration commissioned which are in-complete project, but they will tell Akwa Ibomite this project has been completed, while some of these projects are not even in existence, that is why we have to talk to Akwa Ibom people in order not to be used by anybody, because through light and oneness Good Leadership Association in the state Akwa Ibom we will know who will be our next governor in the state.

Enough is enough come 2019 in Akwa Ibom state. We need a credible candidate from Eket Senatorial district who will compete with Mr. Udom Emmanuel to come and register with us at Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association, we will all support him in-to-to and we will give him 100% assurance to become the next governor of Akwa Ibom State if there is any, if there is no such person from a neutral party that means there is no two ways about the whole story because Udom Emmanuel will still seat as the governor of Akwa Ibom State because the major existing opposition party in the state APC and their candidate Nsima Ekere has no strength to defeat Udom Emmanuel and he will be there to complete the remaining stories and be commissioning of in-complete project, the civil servant will still be on fire because Udom Emmanuel in his second term will want to do his final but God will not allow the chosen people of Akwa Ibom State to be on fire after the 2019 election. Let us stop here for today till next time.

Long live Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association

Long live the federal republic of Nigeria

Long live Akwa Ibom State

Thank you father Olumba Obu.

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