What Positive Effect has President Buhari 3 Point Agenda has in Nigeria has his First tenure ends?

I am greeting you His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I Pastor Imo-ow Udo Andrew is greeting you on behalf of all Nigerians and my group Light and Oneness Good Leadership Association, first I want to thank you for the 3 point agenda you showed to us in your first term as your blueprint when you were vying for President in 2015, your 3 point agenda made us voted you into office but the truth remains those 3point agenda you came with which are,

  1. Security
  2. Fighting of Corruption and
  3. Promoting Agriculture in Nigeria

Which of them have you been able to achieve? After your swearing-in in 2015 till now that you are about ending your first term can you present your scorecard to the good people of  Nigeria which you are their leaders that you have achieved any of those things you promised us?

Nigerians are only surviving by the grace of the father Leader Olumba Olumba Obu. PMB you are about to be sworn in again for a second term if I may ask this time what is your slogan, what is your agenda because the first slogan and agenda you came up with didn’t show any positive effect on Nigerians, it didn’t have any value to the country, it was not implemented. I want to ask you His Excellency what is your next plans for us if you will even succeed in the court case between you and Atiku? Though you will be sworn in on May 29th, are we still going to suffer as we suffered in your first tenure? Because on a sure note 29th May Nigerians and the world over are going to witness your temporally swearing in pending the outcome of the court case between you and Atiku.

His Excellency when I say that people in Nigeria are really suffering you may think that I am joking, if others will not tell you this truth I Pastor Imo-owo Udo Andrew will tell you this openly, in the past 4 years with you as the President of Nigeria thing were so difficult especially with the common man. Nigerians need a good person with the fear of God and not someone who only cares for himself and his family, we need someone who understands our situation and condition and works on it as such, for now, that the watch of the country is still under your control please do something about it. Meet with the CBN Governor and make out plans on how to make the price of Dollar come down because this is also one of the cause for hardship in the country. PMB are you aware that in this country millions of people can’t afford their daily meal talkless of having 3 square meal a day, many parents don’t have money to pay for their wards school fees. I know it didn’t took God unaware for Obasanjo to present you to Nigerians as the President in 2015 and we gladly accept it, that means God knows the reason you were elected and He always said in everything give Him thanks so we return all the glory and honour to Him.

For the past 4 years of your tenure God kept us, we survived no matter the difficulties we faced and I know as you will be going on your second term it’s only the will of the Holy Father that will prevail in Nigeria. I know no one will be able to lead Nigeria out of corruption except God the Father because PMB tried his best though to drive away corrupt practice though in a biased way he didn’t succeed, instate more corruption grows underground and the rate keeps on increasing. That is why my prayers now is that whoever that will become the President of Nigeria after supreme court judgment I wish and pray that person to come and help Nigeria out of this mess and not to destroy it the more.

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