Why Neymar leave Barcelona

Has Neymar make a right move by leaving Barcelona to PSG? The just concluded world biggest transfer ever in football has leave many Barcelona fans to develop hatred for Neymar with a question of why should he leave, calling him names and saying he is a mercenary and doing it for the money. But come to look at this every player plays with the hope of being the best by playing his best, Neymar when he was in Barcelona played his best but could not outshine Messi as far as they are playing in the same club because Messi out shadow Neymar.

In Barcelona three footballers were really hitting Messi, Suarez and Neymar thus giving them the name MSN and among them Messi is the best second by Suarez leaving Neymar to be the third with this he can not become the world best player.

Reasons why Neymar leave Bacelona is his personal career goals – to be the best in the world. Knowing that in Barcelona, Neymar is behind Lionel Messi in the pecking order. And, arguably, Luis Suarez. In effect, he’s the third biggest name in his team – let alone the world.

Another reason is the Ballon d’Or award, handed to the world’s best player.
In the past 20 years four Brazilians have won the award – Kaka, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo (twice) and Rivaldo but Neymar has not won it because of Messi.

PSG need an idol and a star and Neymar right now is that idol, that star who was in Barcelona.

Neymar is determined to become the best player in the world but he knows it wont be possible at Barca as far as Messi and Suarez are they and PSG have never won a Champions League and with Neymar they have the chance to win and if Neymar succeeded in winning UCL Neymar may become the world best player.

Neymar wont become the highest paid in Barca as far as Messi is there so he has to move to PSG to be the highest paid.

Neymar wont have break world record signing fee of Pogba if he was still in Barca.

So it was either he hopes Messi goes – unlikely, given he’s just signed a new contract – or Neymar himself needed to go.

So now Neymar will no longer be in Lionel Messi’s shadow at Barcelona as he move to PSG.

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